Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Finally Finished

Fourteen inches. #80 Lizbeth and Perfect Quilter. There are 4 rows in which I used beads. I am not sure if you can see them in these photos. It is difficult to get a good pic.

Saturday, April 12, 2014


Taking a break from that final Renulek round, test-tatting the most amazing shuttle! I can’t tell you more at the moment, but I can say that Tat-Land is in for a real treat!

Here is the pattern I used for the test-tat. It is “Viola” designed by Frivole. This is unblocked and right off the shuttles. The tension worked extremely well!

#40 Lizbeth

Almost forgot!

Received a lovely bracelet from Lilas this week, from France. Thank you, Lilas
Look at her tatting. It is impeccable.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

One Slow Row To Go!

Some tatters did not want to tat the last bit because they thought the later rows were merely a repetition of earlier rounds.  

However, as I tatted through the pattern, I saw that though there is a bit of repetition, there is also good reason for the repeats. This became clear as the beauty of the pattern emerged toward the end.  

Also, perhaps because of where I chose to change colours, I came to appreciate this lovely Renulek design. It is simple, elegant and very fluid. I love it. : ) 

Next post - the big reveal!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Now Number Nine

It now feels as if it will take forever to finish this Spring Doily...
I might not post again till it is finished.

The red Lizbeth is making me crazy: can you see the knot and the fuzz above it? In the second shot you can see how the thickness varies, which makes having good tension, particularly in chains, almost impossible to attain. Grrrr.....

One more thing:  the red thread has broken twice. No pass! I will NOT buy more Lizbeth - any size. 

The horse has bolted the gate, I realize, but at least I have not purchased a huge amount - just enough to keep me in tatting thread this next year! 

However, in the future I will try other brands, as I am now totally done with this thread.


Dreaming about the nearly-here Canadian Spring, and a border pattern I have not yet tatted that will look good around Elena’s Russian hankie.

I have the perfect shade of Purple in #40 Lizbeth.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Slow Spring and Sparkles

Spring, the season, seems nowhere nearby in Toronto, and the Spring Doily is making progress at a snail’s pace. That last fact is a good thing.

Here it is today in the new threads using 
Perfect Quilter for the green this time...
and BEADS!

I was cautious to add beads that blend in so well that you can hardly see them, but they catch the light a bit and sparkle modestly. : )

The last row is the second go-around. 

Sticking to my new promise to tat with more attention, I had to cut off the first attempt at the 8th row, as the picots were the old sloppy large ones...

In the first version of Spring Doily, I used DMC green in the 8th row, which I had to discontinue as I am using it to tat the Lucky Clover and was afraid I would run out if I used it for both.

I have not touched that green piece since beginning the latest Spring Doily.

The switch to Perfect Quilter, I must say, I quite like!